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  • OT levels C/S
  • Auditor with 25 years of experience

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group processing

OMNI Courses theory studying and practical group processing take place online at a webinar. Access to the webinars video recording. Feedback from the course author at the webinars in a real time. Support from the group and supervisor. Analysing the mistakes, sharing the results and achievements with the group.

Individual program

Sessions are held online individually, according to a C/S program, at a convenient to you pace. 

The OT intention and many years of auditing experience multiply the effectiveness.

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OMNI Processing. Book One

What do you find on course?

dianetics - Book one

If you’ve ever felt there was something holding you back in life, ruining your plans and stopping you from being who you want to be, you were right.
The fact is, there is a single source of all your problems, stress, unhappiness and self-doubt. It’s called the reactive mind—the hidden part of your mind that stores all painful experiences, then uses them against you.

With Dianetics, you can learn to control your reactive mind—freeing you to live an extraordinary life and be your true self.

Key discoveries contained in Dianetics:

Why do we give up on our dreams?
What is the real cause of depression?
Is there a cure for stress?
How do you reach your full potential?
Why do we hurt the ones we love?
Why are some people prone to illness?
How can you improve your mental health?
Can you conquer your fears?

l ron hubbard

"The engineer, by evolving new principles of bridge building and discovering new significance in his materials, manages to throw a bridge across the canyon. He himself crosses and he inspects the plateau carefully; others cross over his bridge and examine the new terrain with delight. Still more and more cross the bridge. The bridge is solid and, if not wide, can yet safely be negotiated. It has not been built for heavy, fast traffic. But it contains the basic principles and axioms by which the canyon can be spanned again and again...

For God's sake, get busy and build a better bridge!"

OMNI processing

The course "OMNI processing. Book 1" will allow you to achieve the state of Clear according to Book 1 (complete cleaning of the prenatal body track) in 3 webinars.

🔥 Success Story
"Having finished working through Dianetics, what can I say?
Unbelievable! Fantastic.
I couldn't imagine that I would be able to find and handle such things. I found huge bypassed charges on the body! Without this course I would never go and directed attention there. It's really incredible that the bank of the body still affects the body and me! I found a lot of "stucked sevens", worked through everything.
The case, the body, the whole space has changed a lot. And the main thing was that it is very simple and easy! Affinity with the body has greatly increased, as well reality, communication…
Misha, thank you very much!"

Alexander S.

OMNI Processing. Book One

Who is delivering the course?

  • Who is delivering courses? 




ОТ48 (CBR Bridge)
Professional Auditor,
C/S & Course Supervisor over 25 years,


Scientology books publisher
Active promoter of the Purification Rundown
The "Theta-Flow" International Conference Coordinator


Engineer, specialty " Radio-electronic systems and complexes"
Graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1997
Founder of the Theta-Meter project (the # 1 e-meter in the Free Zone)

How do you study on course?

Online lectures and practical tasks are waiting for you. After paying for the course, you get access to an online school and an online chat. A live webinar is held on each topic of the course. You can ask questions about the lesson topic, tell about the results and share your successes In the comments to the lesson..

For the best result, you should practice on your own the processes that you have learned on the course. You can share your achievements and questions that appeared during the process, using for that the comments section of the lesson, so your questions could be addressed at the next webinar.

home work

The course is oriented to be completed in approximately 2 weeks: 6 online classes of 1-2 hours + personal practice daily. Reviewing the lesson, you can practice at your own pace, as you like. Within 30 days from the start date of the course, you will have access to the course materials and have the opportunity to ask questions to the author.

check out and correction

Each lesson is an online meeting where students of the course talk about their results, ask questions and share their successes. After that, a new topic is revealed. You can also ask questions and get answers in the group's online chat.

OMNI Processing. Book One

Success Stories

I think the time I was on this course was wonderful!

Hello everyone! Regarding the Course "Book 1 OMNI Processing" with Michael, I took it quite calmly. I looked and saw a lot, where there were masses - for example, some engrams. With OMNI, they were easier to look at, and they blow off faster. Eventually, when I got to the basic-basic, I saw it. So, I started to look at it. I was interested, and at the same time, not quite in regret that I was about to undo it, but in a kind of calm, a sense of global calm. I looked at it for about five minutes, Then I gave the command to OMNI, and the story of basic-basic was finished.
What I ended up getting. I give confirmation to all the guys who were talking about energy. There is a great increase of energy. The work capacity is increased, the awareness is expanded, also! This all relates to those courses that we do with Michael. I am grateful to you, Michael, I thank you very much! Everything goes gradually, and improves, improves day by day. Looking down at the games from above. Pan-determinism increases. I think the time I was on this course was wonderful! Thank you all!


"OMNI Processing Book One" Course / April 26, 2021

I found a lot of charge. And it all erased quite easily and quickly.

It was incredible to remember the prenatal period itself, and it came back surprisingly easy. I found a lot of charge, a lot of charge. And it all erased quite easily and quickly. Then I observed how the life's engram chains in general are getting undone. That is to say, they really easily disintegrate. I noticed that I stopped reacting painfully to losses. In the prenatal period there were many engrams connected with losses, and on these engrams later in life there was a lot of charge. After processing the charge no longer writes so intensely, and it became much easier emotionally. I felt a significant change, that the body became much more energetic. There is no dependence on a correct diet and sports, I began to lead a free way of life in this respect - now I do it for pleasure, not because "according to the schedule", "according to the regime". I even have a desire to engage in physical activity, my body is asking for this energy. My intellect has noticeably increased. I expanded on the Dynamics. All together are certainly tangible life changes! It was interesting to remember the very first incident, what it all sat on. For me it was incredible. And after I remembered the basic, half the prenatal immediately disintegrated. And the rest of the charge - during the webinar, which we did, and then I was cleaning up after the webinar the rest. Great! Thank you very much!

Iryna S.   

"OMNI Processing Book One" Course / June 24, 2021

Life became much cooler and easier, and more fun after that!

My most striking manifestation of Book 1 auditing was the realization that at some point, in some processes. I realized that my previous belief all my life, all 35 or 36, I don't know how old I was, I was deeply convinced that I was an unwanted and unloved child, that I was not wanted at all. And that I had only by some miracle come into existence.
But after auditing Book 1, it just clicked in my head and I realized that it was so very wrong! And it changed my view of the world very dramatically, my state of mind, and I could see it even in my relationship with my mother. If before she used to suppress me, always calling me 2-3 times a day, telling me what I should do, where to go and controlling me, then a few days ago I noticed that she did not call me for10 days probably. Can you imagine the contrast - 2-3 times every day and she hasn't called for 10 days. I think, okay, what happened? I call her back and ask - how are you? She - oh, why do you call? I said, how are you doing? She then - oh, thank you for calling, I found out, I think this is it! Here we are.
And life became much cooler and easier, and more fun after that!

Iryna M.

"OMNI Processing  Book One" Course / April 26.2021

Energy goes up the roof!!! The feeling of incredible Love!!!

After the webinar, an incredible rise! Lightness! Joy! Energy goes up the roof!!! The feeling of incredible Love!!!
I am going to do the task, I'll check for the final sweep!

Iryna S.

"OMNI Processing Book One" Course / April 19, 2021

All the power and energy are concentrated in this moment! Awesome!!!!!!

Such an amazing feeling of Presence here and now! There is a clear sensation that attention and thoughts do not go back to the past (well, they were and that's okay) and do not go into the future (usually it was with anxiety - oh, I should do this and that and the thought "what if I fail, what if it's hard", etc.). And now there is here and now and it's like all the power and energy are concentrated in this moment! Awesome!!!!!!
Thanks, Michael!!!!!!☺️☺️☺️

Iryna M.   

"OMNI Processing Book One" Course / June 24, 2021

There is a feeling of the purest transparency and subtle pleasure...

Awareness is held without thought. The field of mind is absolute silence and boundless space

Thoughtforms are perceived as arising Masses, which I examine, and disappear - again, silence in the ether)
There is no overthinking, no fixation on thoughts, - it came - bang on it, it's gone.
It's the same with emotions. There are none at all. There is a feeling of the purest transparency and subtle pleasure, as if you sit in the sun near a mountain stream and purr)).

Egor Sh.

"OMNI Processing  Book One" Course / April 19.2021

OMNI Processing. Book One 

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