Mikhail Fedorov

  • ОТ48
  • OT levels C/S
  • Auditor with 25 years of experience

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OMNI Processing


group processing

OMNI Courses theory studying and practical group processing take place online at a webinar. Access to the webinars video recording. Feedback from the course author at the webinars in a real time. Support from the group and supervisor. Analysing the mistakes, sharing the results and achievements with the group.

Individual program

Sessions are held online individually, according to a C/S program, at a convenient to you pace. 

The OT intention and many years of auditing experience multiply the effectiveness.

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OMNI Processing. Mini-Course


Why OMNI Ethics?

🎯 Pandetermined viewpoint 
🎯 Deep understanding 
🎯 Precise application
🎯 Instant results

Success Story

Omni Ethics. Part #1

I just finished the Omni Ethics Part #1 webinar and truthfully have to say, it has been the best action I have ever done. Tremendous amount of line charging and cognitions throughout the webinar using the simple OMNI Technique. I am still amazed at how direct and thorough Omni Auditing is. It truly is a supercharged technique which just penetrates through any via-s or personal social circuitry…. and blows the charge instantaneously!

The first part of the Ethics Webinar deals with the lower conditions but in a way I have never approached them. Amazing! I have never been so in present time and so wide-eyed after auditing!! This is some of the most real auditing and case gain I have ever had.

I think the biggest win, and there were many, is that all of the counter-intention and noise just left my space. Leaving a certainty which is me. A freshness, an aliveness which I have never experienced after auditing this lifetime. And a reality of my actions which feel completely un-inhibited. 

P. S.           

Wins during the webinar

OMNI Ethics

What do you learn on course?

🎯 What ETHICS is
🎯 What the Ethics Conditions are and how to apply them using OMNI
🎯 How to get through stuck Ethics Conditions fast and effectively
🎯 How to IMMEDIATELY bring in the RIGHT Ethics Conditions
🎯 How to INSTANTLY correct an inappropriately assigned Ethics Conditions
How do you study on course?

Theory & Practice
Recorded online lectures and practical tasks are waiting for you. After paying for the course, you get access to the online school and telegram chat. A live webinar was held on each topic of the course. You learn the technics by exercising with a group while watching the webinar. You can still ask questions, share your results, wins and achievements in the comments to the lesson or in the telegram chat.
home work

The course consists of 2 online classes + personal practice daily. The lesson's reports are checked by Supervisor. For the best result, you should practice on your own the processes that you learned on the course. Reviewing the lesson, you can practice at your own pace, as you like. Within 90 days from the start date of the course, you will have access to the course materials and have the opportunity to ask questions to the author.

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