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group processing

OMNI Courses theory studying and practical group processing take place online at a webinar. Access to the webinars video recording. Feedback from the course author at the webinars in a real time. Support from the group and supervisor. Analysing the mistakes, sharing the results and achievements with the group.

Individual program

Sessions are held online individually, according to a C/S program, at a convenient to you pace. 

The OT intention and many years of auditing experience multiply the effectiveness.

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🚀 On the second and the last Saturday of each month, at 19: 00 Moscow time, you can participate in a free introductory webinar:

OMNI processing (pan-determined processing) for beginners, or how to get the best auditor in this Universe for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

☝ OMNI processing is built on the basis of deep analysis, understanding and practical application of the axioms of Scientology.

🔥Webinar is presented by author - Mikhail Fedorov:

  • OT 48, auditor, C/S and Course supervisor for more than 25 years
  • Theta-Meter project founder (e-meter №1 in the Free Zone)
  • Active promoter of the Body Clearing Program
  • Scientology books publisher
  • The Founder of the International Online Conference "Theta-Flow"
🎁 Why is it worth to participate?
  • Meaningful and intense presentation of the material
  • Practical use of the OMNI Processing for instant handling of your case 
  • Opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the basics of Scientology with the help of a program author, an expert auditor OT 48

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OMNI Processing 

Success Stories 

This is a really workable technology

It was a great webinar today, Mikhail!

Thank you so much for inviting me and sharing your knowledge.

This is a really workable technology: it works quickly and well and handle unwanted states over all the Dynamics. It may be the beginning of a new era of Scientology)). During the webinar, we all handled together a lot of charges. Personally, I got a big expansion and a lot of ARC, handling my charges. I hope my further progress on the Bridge will accelerate many times))).

Elena S.

This is the power of simplicity

Pan Determined Processing and Omni Viewpoint.

Dear Mikhail Thank you very very much.
This tech is a perfect application of LRH highest Axioms and 1950s PDC, Tech80, Creation of Human Ability all condensed by you smartly into super simplicity, Yet Super Speed and Power.
Every Auditor and preclear in any level should have this OT booster and from my view point and the application yesterday in Webinar and today in Life and in Excal session it speed and expand TAA and Gains by X100 and more. This is the power of simplicity.
I urge every Scientologist on any level on the Bridge to learn it and apply, it confirmed what i always thought on how Auditing should be done.
I just think if we have a few 100s OTs and Scientologists working together with this aligned we can clear this Universe fast because we dont play the games of Mechanics any more and we operate from the 8th dynamic of postulates and agreements on the game.
Lets start!!!

N, ОТ8/ I OMNI Processing, Introduction, webinar for ОТ / Posted: Aug 24, 2019

Handing becomes trouble-free

OMNI processing is pan determined processing.
As thetans use one viewpoint at a time, pan determined processing utilizes two or more simultaneously.
With this increase in viewpoints comes an increase in proficiency where viewed conditions can be as-ised more efficiently, actually, vastly more efficiently as the number of viewpoints can be increased quite significantly, to the point where handing becomes trouble-free.
As such, OMNI processing offers a new way forward, an evolution and improvement from the works of L. Ron Hubbard himself.
At some point, we likely will evolve beyond this as well, however, at this point in time, it’s hard to see how this can be improved.
All the best,

Th. Н , PreClear 


First of all, I have gotten to know many amazingly gifted and helpful individuals in the “Indie Field” and have tried to acknowledge the ones who have made a difference in my life. Today and once again, I bring up Mikhail Federov….what an amazingly beautiful individual this guy is! The amount of help he offers and makes go right to deliver continues to inspire. My hat off to you Mikhail for everything you do to help us. 

These are a few of my personal observations and wins while dealing with Pan-Determined auditing from the Omni State. I continue to operate more and more…and with much less effort, from within the Omni state to fantastic wins! 

This has been and continues to be an amazingly simple, true and genuine condition to deal with life from. This isn’t some artificial invention or some squirrely alteration. And this auditing is not something done to one - at effect…this is auditing from being in full control. 

I will mention LRH datums over the next few paragraphs but without the exact reference and hopefully not mis-duplicate the communication he intended. Seems to me the ‘Determination’ Scale goes from Selfish-Determination to Self-Determination to Pan-Determination….and it might go higher and might go lower but for now this is fine. He also says if one creates or waxes enthusiasm, well, before to long one will start to just be there. 

So as one goes up the bridge one will naturally come up tone and also will move up the determination scale into Pan-Determinism, etc. It is a natural occurrence. To jump-start it and just begin to operate from there is thoroughly within the scope of LRH advice. It is a very survival, natural way to operate. I believe we have all experienced this in session….possibly not being aware of the mechanics but I’m pretty sure we have all experienced the personal growth with auditing to just blow something by inspection.

Recently, I have been throughly enjoying the gains from using one of the most simplest pieces of LRH tech…..and one of the most powerful. Running pleasure….pleasure moments. Running pleasure moments on different dynamics from within the Omni State. Specifically the body. The amount of case change and just pure wantingness to survive is amazing!! Such a rehabilitation of cause, growth and a recognition of ideal scene to grow into is like nothing I have ever experienced before with my body. The lightness and pure ‘flow’ (instead of heavy, ridgy, tiredness) keeps me smiling all day. 

"Pleasure moments you say!!?? But, but that’s so down the bridge and I’ve worked hard to get UP the bridge.” :-) Anyone who has studied Self Analysis and Science of Survival has read what LRH has to say about the effectiveness of running pleasure moments. How eventually the being gains enough personal rightness to just start dropping off heavier and heavier incidents automatically. They come to view at a gradient one can easily deal with and just blow off. I experienced such a revelation with the body a few days ago, I laughed and laughed all day. 

Struggling and struggling with auditing to have it all make sense so one can solve their case….I’ve done that. My body has has too. Solve, solve, solve….and more solve. During the session I recently had all of this ‘significance' just blew…..I and my body realized it was contained in heavier incidents and once they moved of, a simplicity of beingness became present. No need to solve….it was a byproduct of charged incidents. I am a firm believer of running pleasure moments! My body just loves is and looks forward to the heavier stuff turning on (and we don’t Q&A with it) and blowing off as we run the pleasure moments. 

Last observation…..this is getting too long. A thetan, given a game to play will enjoy life. If it is a game of challenge and with a purpose to learn, he can demonstrate competence. Gain knowledge and actuate ability. If the game he is playing has been boobie-trapped and cross implanted to a point of almost complete debilitation if one steps into it….possibly we find life on planet earth in this condition. This is a dangerous condition for all thetans. The natural growth one experiences in a game is wonderful….this technology clears some of the crap and noise so individuals can then play the game they intended to play. This technology is not a permanent by-pass of a thetan, taking away their gains by ‘doing it all for them’ this is giving enough thetans a chance to actually play a game for the first time in a long time. 

Yes, we all want to make our own way. Our own lessons, our own ideas. But if one can’t even see that they are being constantly diminished and hurt maybe it might be ok to give a hand to bring another up out of the mud long enough for them to once again know they are a thetan and they have a purpose and game to play. So yes, auditing from the Omni State can blow charge by inspection ‘possibly’ taking away some of the game of another in solving their own problems….but don’’t forget the awareness possessed from within the Omni state. It is not one from which overts are committed. A danger condition exists. Possibly a by-pass in some areas is what is needed to get things moving. Ok, enough of my little rant! :-) 

I am blown away at the workability of this application of LRH tech. Some of the most fun and gainful experience I have had in the last years. 

Love, Paul

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