Mikhail Fedorov

  • ОТ48
  • OT levels C/S
  • Auditor with 25 years of experience

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OMNI Processing


group processing

OMNI Courses theory studying and practical group processing take place online at a webinar. Access to the webinars video recording. Feedback from the course author at the webinars in a real time. Support from the group and supervisor. Analysing the mistakes, sharing the results and achievements with the group.

Individual program

Sessions are held online individually, according to a C/S program, at a convenient to you pace. 

The OT intention and many years of auditing experience multiply the effectiveness.

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OMNI processing

Success Stories

OMNI Ethics

it has been the best action I have ever done

I just finished the Omni Ethics Part #1 webinar and truthfully have to say, it has been the best action I have ever done. Tremendous amount of line charging and cognitions throughout the webinar using the simple Omni Technique. I am still amazed at how direct and thorough Omni Auditing is. It truly is a supercharged technique which just penetrates through any via-s or personal social circuitry…. and blows the charge instantaneously!

The first part of the Ethics Webinar deals with the lower conditions but in a way I have never approached them. Amazing! I have never been so in present time and so wide-eyed after auditing!! This is some of the most real auditing and case gain I have ever had.

I think the biggest win, and there were many, is that all of the counter-intention and noise just left my space. Leaving a certainty which is me. A freshness, an aliveness which I have never experienced after auditing this lifetime. And a reality of my actions which feel completely un-inhibited.

P. Sh. OT 43           

Omni processing. basics & life repair

I have learned a great deal in a short period of time

Hi Mikhail,
Thankyou for your very interesting series of webinars on Omni Processing: Life Repair. I have learned a great deal in a very short period of time and you have provided me with a very useful set of tools to apply. I greatly appreciate your openness and willingness to embrace other philosophies. As you know I apply my own systems of spiritual advancement based upon a foundation in LRH Precepts. So the challenge for me has been to integrate your understanding and knowhow with my own. I am pleased to say that as a result of your open and welcoming attitude, I have been able to do so and this has greatly enhanced the quality, depth and efficiency of my personal practise. As OTs I do firmly believe it is fundamental that we learn to work together and that we are willing to learn from one another. Your conduct in this respect is exemplary.
Thankyou once again.
Permission to reprint.
Kind regards

Onup Barman Roy

OMNI processing. Book 1

What can I say?
Unbelievable! Fantastic!

Finished working through Dianetics.
What can I say?
Unbelievable! Fantastic.

I couldn't imagine that I would be able to find and handle such things. I found huge bypassed charges on the body! Without this course I would never go and directed attention there. It's really incredible that the bank of the body still affects the body and me! I found a lot of "stucked sevens", worked through everything.

The case, the body, the whole space has changed a lot. And the main thing was that it is very simple and easy! Affinity with the body has greatly increased, as well reality, communication…

Misha, thank you very much!

A.S. SOL3 (OT45)

Omni processing. Basics & life repair

I closed the topic of smoking through OMNI

Briefly:) I have a success story! How I closed the topic of smoking through OMNI. Three months ago, I started smoking cigarettes again (before that, I almost didn't smoke for a year, stupidity is shorter). During the course, I worked out masses of tobacco on weed and.... I closed the subject of cigarettes. The next day, when I quit smoking, I had a desire to smoke cigarettes. I saw a lot of desire to smoke and sent them away. OMNI also works on habits 😁 ⚡ ️! It works in many areas, the regulation of problems with the body, all sorts of body breakdowns( not critical for life), sicknesses, ailments, colds - - - saw a mass, uncreated and there is a happiness for you!) and + awareness increases significantly. GE sings 😁
My thanks to Mikhail! 🙏


omni processing. book 1

after working with OMNI, something unexpected happened ...

I would like to write a few words about the "side effects" of OMNI with alcohol and tobacco.
I had friendly relations with alcoholic beverages) I have been to the provinces of Cognac, Armagnac and have an understanding of these drinks, also the province of Champagne left interesting memories. Visited Bordeaux and Alsace, I have an understanding of wines, excellent stories with the city of Lisbon and wine from the city of Porto, not confused with 777 👆😉, in Italy and Spain there were great stories with their drinks, these were stories, communication with interesting people, their flavor, traditions. Germany and Holland have left their mark🤔.
BUT 👆👆👆 after working with OMNI, something unexpected happened ...
While at a friend's dacha, there was a normal men's evening - barbecue, cognac and ... I was no longer interested in alcohol, as well in tobacco in general. There was me, there was a barbecue, there was a friend, there was a great conversation ... But I did not have cognac and flows with it! 👆 I did not take flows from cognac and from tobacco.
In general, this is the story😉



my confidence in myself and in my reality significantly increased

Many locks were removed during the OMNI processing. I felt how the energy began to circulate freely and naturally where there were blockages before. I felt more alive, when the blockages went away, there was a growing feeling of joy at the same time. When we passed the topic on Disappointment, I managed to erase the earliest incident of my mother’s disappointment in me and a trace of disappointment in myself, which had not been completely erased before. As a result, my universe seemed to straighten up and sparkled with new colors, my confidence in myself and in my reality significantly increased.

Tatiana P.

OMNI Ethics. Success Stories

OMNI Ethics webinar was held in Russian.

The success stories of the webinar participants are translated into English (in subtitles).

You can read more about OMNI Processing Basics & Life Repair course here

OMNI processing. Life Repair

You can read more about OMNI Processing Basics & Life Repair course here