OMNI Processing.

FREE Introductory webinar

Available in recording

Who is delivering the webinar?

OMNI Processing



  • Professional Auditor, C/S & Course Sup  over 25 years, ОТ48 (CBR Bridge)
  • Engineer, specialty " Radio-electronic systems and complexes"
    Graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1997
  • Founder of the Theta-Meter project (the # 1 e-meter in the Free Zone)
  • The "Theta-Flow" International Conference Coordinator
  • Active promoter of the Clear Body-Mind Program 
  • Scientology books publisher 

Who is invited to the webinar

Any Scientologist, regardless of the case or training level . 

Participation in the webinar is FREE of charge. 

Complete the registration and recieve the link to log in.


  • Trs Course completion 
  • Out of the non-interference zone (OT2-OT3) 
  • Auditor or C/S OK, if you are currently on the service lines of an auditor or organisation 
  • If the Pc/ОТ has not received services from the organization or the auditor for more than 3 months, then no consent is required 

OMNI Processing is built on the basis of deep analysis, understanding and practical application (actual application or practical use) of the Scientology axioms.

The webinar subjects

What is the 8th Dynamic?

Whether or not God exists in Scientology?

What is Static and is it possible to interact with it?

How to instantly handle any charge without a trained auditor help

How to instantly get rid of mental masses without the help of a trained auditor

How to deal rapidly and effectively with negative emotions

How to prevent a missed charge phenomena 

How to speed up your going up the Bridge

Why is it worth to participate in the webinar?

Exciting and rich presentation of the material

Practical use of the OMNI processing for instant case handling

Live Theta support from the participants and the host, which won't be on the recording

An opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and of the basics of Scientology with the help of an expert auditor, OT 48

You will get a feedback from the author of the technology, C/S with 25 years of experience

At the webinar, you can handle a large amount of charge that has been preventing you from moving up the Bridge

OMNI Processing.

FREE Introductory webinar

Available in recording

OMNI Processing. Introduction 

Success Stories

OMNI Processing, an introductory webinar for OTs

Here is my Success Story :

Pan Determined Processing and Omni Viewpoint.

Dear Mikhail Thank you very very much.
This tech is a perfect application of LRH highest Axioms and 1950s PDC,Tech80,Creation of Human Ability all condensed by you smartly into super simplicity, Yet Super Speed and Power.
Every Auditor and preclear in any level should have this OT booster and from my view point and the application yesterday in Webinar and today in Life and in Excal session it speed and expand TAA and Gains by X100 and more.This is the power of simplicity.
I urge every Scientologist on any level on the Bridge to learn it and apply, it confirmed what i always thought on how Auditing should be done.
I just think if we have a few 100s OTs and Scientologists working together with this allinged we can clear this Universe fast because we dont play the games of Mechanics any more and we operate from the 8th dynamic of postulates and agreements on the game.
Lets start!!!


First of all, I wanted to thank Mikhail again for this brilliant approach
to freeing! I just love this guy!! So much caring and technical savvy.

After a day of letting everything settle out there is more I would like to

Just the nature of the technique produces tremendous case gain. It is a
complete by-pass of all of the social contamination we live in and attempt
to communicate through on a daily basis. The directness and power is like
nothing I have ever experienced in auditing before! I really am kind of
speechless about it….but not really! I have a lot to say!

I have always been in awe of LRH for developing technique which frees
people even though it uses language, concepts, and form which is so
impregnated with suppressive lies and control. It’s like using the lie
filled grunge and mud in a perfect way to create a path for theta to be
free. The Pan-determined auditing seems to bypass all of that and go
directly to the truth without vias. And the results are instantaneous!!

I honestly feel like I have achieved some new state of
release/exteriorness in just the few minutes of the ‘familiaration'
auditing I did during the short seminar. I’m amazed….and how effortlessly
and swift everything handled. This point I can’t emphasize enough. No
complexity or via filled procedure. Just a natural, direct reach and

I can hardly wait to do more…..but am going to savor the results and
effects. It feels like before too long there will be very little to handle
on any dynamic. This handles it all! 

P Sh, ОТ 44

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