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OMNI Processing

Self analysis


A theory studying and practical group processing online at a webinar. Access to the webinars video recording. Feedback from the course author at the webinars in a real time. Support from the group and supervisor. Analysing the mistakes, sharing the results and achievements with the group.


Get an unforgettable experience from the application of OMNI processing.

Use an opportunity ask your questions to the author of the OMNI processing technology.

Who is delivering the webinar?

OMNI Processing
Self Analysis


  • Professional Auditor, C/S & Course Sup  over 20 years, ОТ48 (CBR Bridge)
  • Engineer, specialty " Radio-electronic systems and complexes"
    Graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1997
  • Founder of the Theta-Meter project (the # 1 e-meter in the Free Zone)
  • The "Theta-Flow" International Conference Coordinator
  • Active promoter of the Clear Body-Mind Program 
  • Scientology books publisher 

Who is invited to the webinar

Any Scientologist, regardless of the case or training level . 

Participation in the webinar is FREE of charge. 

Complete the registration and recieve the link to log in.


  • Trs Course completion 
  • Out of the non-interference zone (OT2-OT3) 
  • Auditor or C/S OK, if you are currently on the service lines of an auditor or organisation 
  • If the Pc/ОТ has not received services from the organization or the auditor for more than 3 months, then no consent is required 

OMNI Processing is built on the basis of deep analysis, understanding and practical application of the Scientology axioms.


"OMNI Processing. Self Analysis"

view the webinar:

  • OMNI PROCESSING. introduction

Why is it worth to participate in the webinar?

Exciting and rich presentation of the material

Practical use of the OMNI processing for instant case handling

Live Theta support from the participants and the host, which won't be on the recording

An opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and of the basics of Scientology with the help of an expert auditor, OT 48

You will get a feedback from the author of the technology, C/S with 20 years of experience

At the webinar, you can handle a large amount of charge that has been preventing you from moving up the Bridge

OMNI Processing 

Success Stories

What a simple, rewarding and effective technique!!

Hi,  I’ve been doing an extended version of the "OMNI Processing. Self-analysis", at Mikhail’s request, to wins beyond anything I could have imagined.
CBR mentions creating a bridge for all of life, including the 6th D, in the Admin Briefings, I feel this technique is very well along the way.
About a week ago my Body Org went exterior to the body and maintains it stably now. Then a few days later my whole skeletal system came to life and re-assumed it’s role and identity. The body regained much strength.
Two days ago my whole body became a flow, I felt I could walk through walls! All of the electronic significances left it’s space and it could operate, as a complete unit within the actual simplicity of life. It has never been so happy!! I firmly believe all of the life within the body has moved into an ‘exterior’ state and now plays the game of ‘body’ from that location!! And it may very well have moved into the Omni state itself.
What a simple, rewarding and effective technique!! Everyone should do this!
Thank you Mikhail for putting all of this together! I can hardly wait to get onto the next videoed webinar……..but I think I will take a few days to let the body enjoy it’s new found freedoms.

Love, Paul

Paul. / February 22, 2021

It worked out a lot of charge

The webinar turned out great. It worked out a lot of charge. In general, any state in one's space can be healed from a pan-determined state. And this happens much faster than if you do it from a normal state. Therefore, the use of Pan-determined state makes it possible to accelerate greatly as-ising of any undesirable states. Thanks to Misha and all the participants. It was great to see participants and handle all the accumulated charges.

Alexander Sh. 

I feel like I have been floating in a ball of light

"Thanks you so much for the body processing last night. I feel like I have been floating in a ball of light😋🌟" 



5 minutes and am too blown out to continue!! :-) It may take me a week to get through the video.


"OMNI Processing  Self-Analysis" Program